A tenancy agreement has to be in written form in two copies (one copy goes to the tenant, other to the landlord) It has to include:

  • Duration of the agreement;
  • Rent to be paid and expenses directly connected to building management which are not included in rent
  • Day (of month) when rent is due
  • Manner of payment for operational costs
  • Manner of apartment handover
  • Amount of deposit

Most landlords demand a deposit from tenants beside the rent when the contract is signed. The deposit presents an additional expense which is not covered by any social transfer. Landlords demand a deposit because they want to ensure they get the apartment back in the same condition.


An apartment can only be rented out by the owner, you cannot sign a contract with any other landlord. If the owner changes, this does not affect your tenancy agreement. The tenancy lasts as long as is stated in the contract, only your landlord changes.

Obligations of the owner:

  • Hands over the rented apartment
  • Maintains the apartment in a conditions which allows normal use
  • Is responsible for material or legal errors

The owner has right to enter the apartment upon previous notice no more than twice a year, to check if it is being used appropriately.


Obligations of the tenant:

  • To use the apartment in accordance with the tenancy agreement
  • To take responsibility for damage caused by negligent use of the apartment
  • Allows the owner twice a year to enter and inspect the apartment
  • To meet the costs
  • To inform owner of any problems
  • To maintain the apartment

After the contract expires you need to hand over the apartment in the same condition it was handed to you.


The owner can only terminate the contract on grounds of culpability. The reasons for termination need to be stated in the contract. The period of notice cannot be shorter than 90 days.

The tenant can terminate the contract at any time and does not need to state the reasons for doing so, but has to inform the owner about the termination in writing. After written notice, the contract does not terminate straight away, but after 90 days. This period cannot be changed in the tenancy agreement. The owner and tenant can also agree upon a shorter period of notice, whereby the contract is terminated according to the agreement.